Ususau, Romania

While on this trip to Romania, I’ve been staying in the beautiful sat [town] of Ususau. The buildings in this town are all pretty old, but the ones I find the most interesting are the ones which have the surname off the family who built it and the year it was built on them. Being … More Ususau, Romania

Timisoara 2017

I spent a couple days last week in the city of Timișoara, Romania. While the weather was extraordinarily hot (over 100°F), the city was just as beautiful as I remembered it. I spent a couple of hours each day touring the city and exploring places I hadn’t visited before. Because of the hot midday sun beating … More Timisoara 2017

The Old Woolen Mill

Because my passion is photography, as soon as I move to Cleveland I started scouting locations for photoshoots. One of the first places that was mentioned to me was the “abandoned mill.” That sounded like a cool place, and a local friend who had had her senior pictures taken there drove a group of us over for an … More The Old Woolen Mill


At the moment, the biggest city I live near is called Chattanooga. It’s about 30 miles away from me, and offers a fun place to spend my weekends. Not having a car, it’s sort of tough for me to get to, but I have plenty of friends who enjoy driving there, so I usually catch a … More Chattanooga


Before moving to Tennessee, I had never heard that name before. I knew of the Smoky Mountains, of course, and I knew Cleveland, TN was located near some sort of mountains, but my geography only reached so far. Then all of a sudden I kept hearing people talking of going to “Chilhowee.” I don’t know … More Chilhowee

Chicago 2016

While I have written about all the places I’ve traveled too so far, the one place I’ve neglected is the place where I’ve lived my entire life (up to recently). I never appreciated my city as much as I did after leaving it. I have traveled to visit family in different places many times, but I have … More Chicago 2016