Road Trip 2012

At the beginning of the summer of 2012, my family and I took a road trip to a couple of cities on the east coast of the United States. My mother has an uncle and and a couple cousins who live with their families in Trenton, New Jersey, so we were going to stay with them while we visited the surrounding cities.

During the week long trip, we visited:

  • Niagara Falls;
  • Trenton, New Jersey;
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
  • New York City, New York; and
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

On July 2nd, before we even arrived at my great-uncle’s home, we visited Niagara Falls. We were on the U.S. side, and since apparently it looks much better from the Canadian side, we would have liked to go over. But we didn’t have our passports with us, so my dad decided that second best to going to Canada would be taking the boat ride, which, I have to say, was well worth it.

The only thing that was not worth it was the phone bill I got for sending a friend the above picture while in the boat. Apparently AT&T considers the middle of the river to be Canadian territory, and I was out of range of my network.

We arrived in Trenton that night, and spent the next day visiting the surrounding area, especially around Princeton, where we saw the Princeton Battlefield and ate ice cream at the Halo Pub.

Halo Pub can be found at 9 Hulfish St, Princeton, NJ 08542

Liberty Bell

What’s the best place to celebrate the 4th of July? The place it all began, of course! We spent the day in crowded downtown Philly, and even got a chance to see the Liberty Bell.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pensylvania .jpg
statue outside City Hall, Philadelphia

With the city being so crowded for the 4th of July festivities, we soon left and headed back to Trenton, from where we enjoyed the fireworks.

Washington Square Park, NYC

The next day, we took the train from Trenton to Penn Station, in New York City. We spent all day walking around the city, and got to see parts of Little Italy, Times Square, and even the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.

Wall Street, NYC

My dad had this strange notion that taxis in New York City are very, very expensive, so he decided it would be best if we walked everywhere. Walk we did, but with me holding the map, we ended up walking is circles, several times.

New York City, New York
Statue of Liberty, NYC

After we had walked all the way to Battery Park and taken the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, we were exhausted. But there was the whole trek back to Penn Station to be made. After ending up in Little Italy with any sense of direction gone, my dad tried to get us to take the bus. We did, but we still weren’t where we needed to be. He finally gave in a hailed a cab. Turns out it was way cheaper than he had expected. So he had the cabby drive us through Times Square, and then drop us off at the station, where we had a train to catch.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

We returned to Trenton, and the next day, it was time to head back to Chicago. On our way  home, we made a stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania to tour the Hershey Factory. It was a great experience, and the free samples were delicious!


all photos taken by me on an iPhone 3Gs


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