East Coast Youth Convention 2013

During the spring of 2013, I traveled with a bunch of friends to Florida for the East Coast Youth Convention.

bus ride

We took a coach bus down from Chicago the week before Memorial Day.

entering Florida- almost there…

It was a long ride, and after over 24 hours on the bus, we were all ready to hit the beach. However, coming from Chicago, where the weather was not yet too warm, we were not prepared for the heat wave that hit us in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Trolley

After spending two days on the beach, we were all terribly sunburned, and couldn’t imagine spending another whole day in the sun. So we decided to find something else to do. We found a free trolley that could take us around Fort Lauderdale, which honestly wasn’t our greatest idea. That infamous ride will live in all our memories for a long time to come.


On our last day there, we decided to stay up all night waiting for the sunrise. We hung out, and about an hour before sunrise, we walked to the beach and waited for the sun to rise.


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