Romania 2013

The next time I visited Romania was during the summer of 2013. This time, my whole family accompanied me, and we spent three weeks in the country.

2013 Romania Trip .jpg
Budapest Airport

We had a layover in Munich, and then took a smaller plane to Budapest, where we hired a bus to take us and our luggage (which was quite a lot) over the border and into Ususău.

view of Ususău
Romania 2013 5 .jpg
view of Ususău
Cetatea Șoimoș
view from Cetatea Șoimoș
Cetatea Șoimoș ruins
Cetatea Șoimoș ruins

We spent a couple days in Ususău and Lipova (which is about 8 miles away from Ususău). While in Lipova, we hiked up to Cetatea Șoimoș, which is a fortress that was built around 1278 A.D. It’s in ruins now, but the view is terrific.


Soon after, we took a road trip to Craiova. We spent about a week there, helping my grandfather renovate his apartment.

cooking mititei over an open flame
hiking in Butoiești

We also traveled to Butoiești, where my grandfather owned a house in the country. We spent a great day barbecuing, picnicking, and hiking.

There was a downside to our fun though. The outhouse had a wasp nest lodged into its doorjamb, and when it was disturbed, a horrific attack ensued.

Dragonul de Aur- Chinese Restaurant in Craiova

On the one Sunday we were in Craiova, we had a huge family dinner in a Romanian-Chinese Restaurant with all my family who lived in Craiova. It was interesting to see how Romanians interpret Chinese food, as I’ve grown up eating American-Chinese food from Panda Express and other Chinese takeout restaurants. It was pretty good actually.

The place is called Dragonul de Aur, and it’s located on Strada Calea Unirii 48Craiova 200409, Romania.

If you’re ever in Craiova, its a great place for lunch.

Parcul Nicolae Romanescu
Parcul Nicolae Romanescu

We spent a day exploring the Nicolae Romanescu park, which I had visited on my last trip. I didn’t get to ride in a rowboat this time around, but it was still a nice experience to revisit the park.

Romanian roads
Mănăstirea Cozia

On our way back to Ususău, we stopped by Mănăstirea Cozia, a monastery located in Călimănești, which was built in 1388.

Piața din Pancota

We spent a couple days in Pancota, and visited the piața on Saturday. We saw people selling all sorts of things- from fresh fruits and vegetables to rabbits, socks and flip phones.


That night we took a trip to a cemetery, to try and find where our great-great-grandfather was buried. We were not able to find the grave, but it was as interesting experience.

Hanul Moara cu Noroc
Hanul Moara cu Noroc

We stopped by the Moara cu Noroc inn nearby to get ice cream, but they were charging extravagant prices for it, so we decided to buy our own at the store, and have a bonfire.

sulfurous water well

The sunset on the way back was beautiful, and our uncle wanted to show us a well with sulfurous water, which, of course, he made us taste. Obviously it tasted like rotten egg.

Parcul Pădurice

We spent our last few days with my uncle in Arad, and went downtown one night to the  Pădurice Park to hear the musical artesian fountain.

Soon, it was time to pack our bags, load them in a van, drive up to Budapest, and get on a plane. It had been a lovely trip, but it was time to head home.


all pictures taken by me with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V


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