Detour 2014

Detour is an annual weekend retreat our youth group takes during the month of November. It takes place in Michigan at the Bethel Park Retreat Center.

We left Chicago on Friday afternoon, and arrived at the campground that night. After unpacking the vans, we headed to the church service, where we had an amazing time.

Afterwards, we ate dinner and then had fellowship late into the night. We learned new games, got to meet new people, and pretty much had an awesome time. And when we finally went to sleep, it was after 4 am.

8:00 am, and the bell started ringing for breakfast. We’d only just fallen asleep, and now it was time for a full day of activities. We got up and had a groggy breakfast, and by 8:30 were feeling somewhat more awake. Good thing too, because the morning service started at 9:00. We got together in the chapel for worship and another message, and then split off for small groups.

flamingo football

After small groups, it was time for lunch, and then flamingo football. Flamingo football is something all the ladies look forward to each year. If you’ve never played, it goes something like this:

  1. First, you split off into two teams- guys vs. girls.
  2. Second, you duct tape all the guys’ legs together, so it’s like when a flamingo stands on only one leg.
  3. Third, you make it clear that guys are playing touch football, while the girls are playing tackle football (a guy can only tag a girl, while a girl can do whatever it takes to knock him over).
  4. Finally, you proceed to trip/punch/tackle any guy that tries to run with the football.

And there you have it: flamingo football.

Well, every year we play this game, and every year, the girls still somehow manage to lose, and it’s not from lack of trying.


color war
color war
color war
color war
color war
color war aftermath

So after yet another defeat under our belts, it was time for something new: our first ever color war! Everyone brought a white t-shirt, and we proceeded to go all out with the color powder. It was amazing, and the pictures I took during and after turned out great!

After washing off the paint, it was time for another service, which was amazing.


We then had a bonfire and s’mores. After a sing-along, we moved inside to prepare our act for the talent show.

Our Annual Detour’s Got Talent talent show was hilarious. We had so many different types of acts, and we got to see some hidden talents we had no idea our friends had. It was super fun!

After staying up most of Saturday night too, by Sunday morning we were exhausted. We had our last service that morning, and then small groups again. Then we were free to do our own thing until 4:00, when we would start heading out. After lunch, a couple friends and I had a photoshoot, and then we played a prank on the guys by sticking honey on all the door handles. They got us back with something much worse. They zip tied a can of Axe body spray, and threw it into our cabin while we were packing. They smell was horrendous.

group picture

Soon it was time to head home, and while we were all looking forward to getting a full night’s sleep, we were already counting down to the next year’s Detour.


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