SIC Retreat 2015

For the past few years, our Sisterhood in Christ has been having a weekend retreat during the summer. In 2015, it ended up being the week right after camp. We were told that it would be in Michigan, but given no other information besides being told that we needed to bring bedsheets. Curious, and slightly fearful about what we were getting ourselves into, we climbed aboard the bus. After driving for two hours, we got off the highway and headed into a small town, where we found oursleves parked behind a warehouse. Now the tension was rising. Why were we here? Were we lost?

The Loft

We got off the bus and headed inside. There our faith was rewarded, for we found ourselves in a magnificent loft. It had bedrooms upstairs, and the downstairs was glorious, with a pool table, piano, kitchen, and television lounge.

kayaking on the Galien River

The next day we went kayaking on the Galien River. We raced to see who was the fastest, and it was a lot of fun.

Galien River

Afterwards we went hiking, and found a bridge that had an beautiful overlook.

New Buffalo Beach
New Buffalo Beach

The next day we went to the beach in New Buffalo.

The Stray Dog

We went to the Stray Dog for lunch, and waited for over 3 hours to get seated and get our food. It was a great time for bonding, and the food wasn’t bad either.

We headed back to Chicago the next day, after an extended weekend of fun.


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