Winterfest 2015

For the past two years, our youth group has been driving down to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Romanian Winterfest. This event usually happens around the second week of February. Anyway, we drove down Thursday night in order to arrive for the service on Friday night.

We arrived at our hotel on Friday afternoon, and after dropping of our bags, went to Pizza Hut. Then it was time to get ready for the service.

Winterfest 2015 .jpg

After the service, we went to the church that was hosting the event for dinner and a bonfire.

Cook Out

Late that night, we made a Cook-Out run for milkshakes and fries.


The next day was Valentine’s Day, and we were free to do whatever we wanted until the night service, which would start at 6:30. We spent the day eating breakfast in the hotel lobby, watching sappy romantic comedies on TV, and walking to Buffalo Wild Wings to get lunch (which is also how we almost got run over as the town we were staying in had no sidewalks) and going to Walmart to buy $1 boxes of chocolates.

After the night service, we went back to the church again, and then back to our hotel, where we delivered the boxes of chocolates we had picked up earlier.

The next day, we checked out of our hotel, and hung out at the church until the night service. We ate lunch there, as the lovely mamas had cooked us sarmale and other Romanian dishes. Then some of us played HeadsUp while others took naps.

After the night service, we returned to the church once more, and after eating a quick dinner, got back on the bus to head home.


On our way back, while we were driving through Kentucky, our bus driver was negligent, and a truck that was merging into our lane hit us from behind and knocked the bus’ mirror off. Nobody was hurt, and the bus was in pretty good shape (except for the loss of the mirror), but we were forced to stop, and a police officer game on the bus to get ALL of our information. In a bus that big, there were over 50 of us, so we were stuck in Kentucky for quite a long time.


all pictures taken by me with an iPhone 5c and Fuji Instax Wide


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