Frontline 2015

Senior year of high school had arrived, and I still wasn’t decided on which college to attend. I had visited a few around Chicago, but none struck me as places I’d like to spend the next four years of my education. And then I remembered about a school I had heard of in Tennessee.


Middle of October, I took two days off of school to attend Frontline at Lee University. Frontline events were special days when high school juniors and seniors could tour the school and experience a class. My dad and I drove down on a Thursday, to make it to the event the next day. Tennessee is a beautiful state, and I loved every minute of driving through it. Lee University is located in Cleveland, TN, which is close to Chattanooga.

Lee University

I loved the school from the moment I laid eyes on it. It was beautiful, offered the major I wanted, and was cheaper to attend than any school back home. I loved it, and chose to apply that very day.


The trip home was peaceful. I finally knew where I wanted to attend college. Now all I had to do was hope and pray that I got accepted.


All pictures taken by me with an iPhone 6


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