New York City 2016

Over Memorial Day weekend, our youth group took a road trip to New York City for the East Coast Youth Convention. We left Chicago on the afternoon of May 26th, and returned in the early morning hours of the 31st.

New York City Skyline

We arrived in New York City and checked into our hotel in Long Island. We had driven all night to arrive that morning, and we wanted to enjoy as much time as we could in the city. Since our rooms were not ready until later that afternoon, we piled ALL of our bags into one room that was available. Then everyone quickly grabbed what they needed, and we headed out. With a group as big as ours, it would’ve been impossible to sightsee together, so we split into three groups, each heading in a different direction.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
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Brooklyn Bridge

My group decided to see the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park that day. We found the subway and bought week-long passes, those being our cheapest mode of transportation. We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoyed the view, and took pictures.

Central Park

We walked through Central Park for a bit and then visited the National September 11 Memorial. Then we grabbed some street food and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the service (and to take naps, cause we were really exhausted).

Times Square
Times Square Selfie

After the service, we all got on the subway to go to Times Square. It was awesome, and we even got to take an awesome group selfie.

Central Park
Central Park

The next day, we went back to Central Park and took a boat ride on the lake.

That night, we had a true adventure in Chinatown when we decided to go out to eat after the service. The service had ended late, but we really wanted Chinese food, and Yelp said that the place would be open late. So we made our way their, but with the unpredictability of the subway that weekend, made it just as they were closing. We found a different place that was open though, but the service was terrible. Our waitress demanded an exact tip of $5, and when my friend told them she didn’t have that much change, the waitress grabbed the $50 from her wallet, telling her she would break it for her. The food wasn’t that great either.

Brooklyn Bridge

The next morning we attended a service at Brooklyn Tabernacle. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Shake Shack, and then visited the Brooklyn Bridge again, because many in our group hadn’t seen it the first day.


That night, we decided to go eat at BurgerFi, but on our return trip on the subway, we got lost, and ended up waiting for a train that was never coming. By the time we finally did get on the right train, a downpour had started in the outside world. This storm caused our hotel to flood, and the elevator to stop working, which was terrible for us, seeing as we were on the eleventh floor.

The Plaza Hotel
The Plaza Hotel

The next day was our last in New York, so we made the best of it by trying to see most of the city that day. We walked down 5th avenue, and made a stop by the Plaza Hotel.

Central Park
Central Park group picture

We walked through Central Park some more, and took a group picture.

New York City 5th Avenue
SoHo, Manhattan

Our journey down 5th avenue led us to SoHo, where we explored the shops, took pictures, and ate lunch. We split off into small groups to explore the area, and my group ate lunch at a small place called Champion Pizza, where they served great pizza for $5.

The place’s address is 17 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012.

Little Italy

After eating lunch, we wandered around Little Italy, where we also bought souvenirs to commemorate our adventures in NYC.

Manhattan subway station

Soon it was time to catch the train back to our hotel, where we had packing to finish.

group picture

It had been a great five days in New York, but Chicago was calling us home.


all pictures taken by me with an iPhone 6, Instax Mini, and GoPro Hero 4


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