Wisconsin Dells 2016

We took a family road trip to Wisconsin Dells during the summer of 2016. We stayed at Hotel Rome, which is part of the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, for a weekend in July. It was so much fun!

go karts
roller coaster

We spent most of our time at the theme park, riding the roller coasters and go karts. I’m not that big a fan of roller coasters, so I didn’t ride Hades or Cyclops, but instead stuck to the tamer rides, like the Manticore, which was a 140-feet tall swing.

Mr. Pancake Restaurant

We ate breakfast at the Mr. Pancake Restaurant, where my sister and I shared the hot fudge banana split Belgian waffle.

The address for the restaurant is 1405 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965.

Daniel Wellington

I had recently purchased a Daniel Wellington watch, which I enjoyed wearing. Watches really are great accessories, and go with everything.


We did spend some time at the water park as well, and of course I got a sunburn, but that usually happens when I go out in the sun.

Wisconsin Dells 2016 6.gif

Personally, my favorite ride that weekend was the Manticore, a giant swing ride. I loved how I could see so far from up there.


all pictures taken by me with an iPhone 6 and Instax Mini


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