The Old Woolen Mill

Because my passion is photography, as soon as I move to Cleveland I started scouting locations for photoshoots. One of the first places that was mentioned to me was the “abandoned mill.” That sounded like a cool place, and a local friend who had had her senior pictures taken there drove a group of us over for an impromptu photoshoot.

The Old Abandoned Mill
The Old Abandoned Mill
wedding preparations

We got there, and the first thing we noticed was that a wedding was being set up. There was a white aisle with chairs on both sides set up in the middle of the ruins. Huh. And then the bride showed up to have her wedding pictures taken. Weird. Who has a wedding at an abandoned building? We also saw other photographers there having photoshoots, which I expected, but a wedding? Really?

The Mill
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill
the mill photoshoot 1
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill
The Abandoned Mill

We took our pictures and left. A few weeks later I again returned to the abandoned mill with a different group of friends to take pictures. We thought it would be cool to get inside to the second story, but we were confronted by a construction worker who asked if were looking for anything. We told him we were just trying to take pictures.

warehouse portrait
Inside the Old Woolen Mill

It turns out he was the owner of the so-called abandoned mill, which was not as abandoned as I had been led to believe. It had started out as a woolen mill in 1890, and it had been abandoned from the 1970s to 1990s. After some major renovation in the late 1990s, it has been restored on the north end, and is now home to two commercial shops, four loft apartments, and an event rental facility (where the wedding we had first seen had probably taken place).

You can find more information about it at


All pictures were taken by me with a Fujifilm XT-1 and an iPhone 6


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