At the moment, the biggest city I live near is called Chattanooga. It’s about 30 miles away from me, and offers a fun place to spend my weekends. Not having a car, it’s sort of tough for me to get to, but I have plenty of friends who enjoy driving there, so I usually catch a … More Chattanooga


Before moving to Tennessee, I had never heard that name before. I knew of the Smoky Mountains, of course, and I knew Cleveland, TN was located near some sort of mountains, but my geography only reached so far. Then all of a sudden I kept hearing people talking of going to “Chilhowee.” I don’t know … More Chilhowee

Chicago 2016

While I have written about all the places I’ve traveled too so far, the one place I’ve neglected is the place where I’ve lived my entire life (up to recently). I never appreciated my city as much as I did after leaving it. I have traveled to visit family in different places many times, but I have … More Chicago 2016

Detour 2016

As I had moved to Tennessee for school in the fall of 2016, I wasn’t sure if I could make it back to Chicago for the weekend of Detour. However, I was able to find a bus ticket for $10 leaving Chattanooga on Thursday afternoon and arriving in Chicago early Friday morning. I would be … More Detour 2016

Escape 2016

Summer 2016 we had our yearly summer camp at my church. A lot of planning went into this event, and shopping too. Finally, early on Friday morning, it was time to pack the bus and leave for camp. This year’s theme was Superhero Camp. We had big expectations from the event, and with over 1o0 kids … More Escape 2016

SIC Retreat 2016

The Sisterhood in Christ Retreat in the summer of 2016 was held at my friend’s farm in Indiana. We left Chicago Thursday afternoon, and got caught in a huge storm, so we stopped at a Culver’s for lunch. It rained and rained and rained, so we decided to wait out the storm with frozen custard. The next … More SIC Retreat 2016